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This is a great new video about Asbestos' long-running street art project of placing 'lost' stickers around Dublin. The project highlights the absurd and peripheral debris that we all collect.

artist: Asbestos
location: Dublin, Ireland

Video by Charlie Inman

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artist: Xone Feral / X1
location: Aviles & Barcelona, Spain

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More great silhouette window stickers from Folie de BNC that create fascinating scenes when combined with the right view. See older work here.

artist: Folie de BNC
location: Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

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To avoid putting stickers or graffiti on real street signs, the XX Crew created their own signs...

artist: XX Crew (blog) & Ragtag
location: Brussels, Belgium & Dresden, Germany

Swiss artist 'folie de bnc' uses great silhouette stickers, often placed on windows to create a striking scene with the background through the glass

Folie de BNC also works with the Windowzoo distributed art project, which spreads silhouette window stickers of birds throughout the world

artist: Folie de BNC

location: Locarno + Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

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