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It's hard to see, but this is one continuous wall of sleeping animals. Roa was in Santander for the Desvelarte festival.

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artist: Roa
location: Santander, Spain

Zaragoza is Roa's latest stop, and his work keeps getting better. I particularly like the subtle use of the walls, like the rope on the rabbit 'tied' to the cables and the billboard acting as an xray into the squirrel.

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artist: Roa
location: Zaragoza, Spain

A huge mural by Ericailcane, an Italian artist, promoting a show at the Carmichael Gallery.
The show, ‘man is the bastard’, is
“a collection of etchings and graphic art of domestic animals, set in an alternative universe where they have taken revenge against mankind. Ericailcane’s work has conscious social and political elements and his style has distinct, macabre yet humorous imagery.”

artist: Ericailcane
location: La Brea & Waring Ave, Los Angeles
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