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Last year Mentalgassi created work for Amnesty International to bring attention to Troy Davis' case. This year the german street art collective have created work that appears in 26 sites across Wales, Ireland, Germany and Denmark. The 6 individuals highlighted in this year’s work include Fatima Hussein Badi, who faces the death penalty in Yemen after an unfair trial, Jabbar Savalan, who is in prison in Azerbaijan for his peaceful anti-government activism (including comments he made on Facebook), and Natalia Estemirova, a Russian human rights activist whose murder has not been brought to justice. Find out more about this initiative here.

See more by Mentalgassi.

artists: Mentalgassi
locations: Wales, Ireland, Denmark, Germany

See more by Mentalgassi. Read about Troy Davis here.

artist: Mentalgassi
location: London

Eelus has done this piece as part of the second MuTATE event, 'One foot in the grove', which opens on October 9 in London. It's similar to his great image, Raven Haired.

artist: Eelus
location: London

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artist: Kislow
location: Sevastopol, Ukraine
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