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artist: Euthanasia
location:Los Angeles, CA

artist: Zio Ziegler
location: Santurce Es Ley Calle Cera, Puerto Rico

artist: HOTTEA
location: Hollywood, Los Angeles

KLONE Art Mural at The Roxy Theatre from Off Tatum Productions on Vimeo.

Where are you from?

I was born in Ukraine, which was part of USSR at that time. Nowadays I live in Tel-Aviv, which is physically in Israel, but in its spirit it's in many other places around the world.

How did you get your name?

My name found me through one of my first characters that appeared in 2004, his name was Klone, a kind of different clone then all others around . It got stuck since, and gained many more meanings through the years, in a way I grew into my street name same as people grow into their given names and their adopting their attributes.

Can you describe your style?

My style is many styles. I am too curious and too impatient to stick with one style for years as many artists do. To be able to continue creating, I must reinvent myself all the time, and sometimes I come back to things I used to do years ago as kind of reference for new work. I think it's best when you can see and recognize the artist for his hand/line, but still be surprised every time. For the same reason, in 2005, I started the crew SMD, which stands for Style Must Die, and includes many members and collaborators along the years.


I just came back from US trip so would love to thank all those who made it possible and helped along the way.

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artist: Klone
location: The ROXY, Hollywood

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