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artist: Inti
location: Paris

images by Yoyolabellut


See more by Jetsonorama.

artist: Jetsonorama
location: Navajo Reservation, Arizona

With Zime

artist: Neuzz
location: Mexico City, Mexico

From Jerm IX:
"In the last few weeks a handful of cowards began tagging racist pro-white anti-chinese garbage in Richmond, a majority Chinese populated suburb of Vancouver. i'm disgusted by this filth and was inspired to use this Map of Vancouver to declare this city a hate free zone."

See more by Jerm IX.

artist: Jerm IX
location: Vancouver, Canada


I love how the wall creates skin tones on these cutout portraits. See another recent wall from the 'Wall Impressions' series here.

artist: Fauxreel
location: Toronto, Canada

via Show & Tell Gallery

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