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In relation to the Brazilian elections. See more by Os Gémeos.

artist: Os Gémeos
location: Sao Paulo

'Ordem e progresso?' / 'Order and progress?'

In reference to Brazil's presidential election.

See more by Os Gémeos/a>.

Os Gémeos
location: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Elections will take place on Sunday, October 4th 2009 in Greece. "Vote for Nobody" is the slogan held by the ancient Greek statue.

artist: Bleeps
location: Athens, Greece

image by Server Pics

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When street art becomes even more important...

I've got to think pasting A1one's art is a brave thing to do right now. The second image is a stencil called 'Scream from the inside', for women's rights.
The third image is the green pens of protest; A1one has put over 600 of these up.

artist: A1one

location: Tehran, Iran

artist: zoso / zoso1 / zoso one
location: la brea ave, los angeles & main st., santa monica

“The goal in my current body of work is to explore the future of our world using both serious imagery
and humor.
How will mankind cope with an increasingly unstable climate?
How will our urban environment change, as well as the natural world?
What bizarre genetic mutations can occur?
How will the relationship between humans and animals change?
The world i am trying to portray may be a short decade away or a millennium.
This is a topic that concerns everyone, although it may not be the most pleasant or easily palpable.
My intention is not necessarily to bring about change (I am realistic), but rather to keep our planet’s
future in the foreground of thought.”

first image from lord jim
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