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See more by Ludo.

artist: Ludo
location: Paris

And a teaser of a longer film that will document Vhils' experience in China:

Vhils was in Shanghai for a show with 18 Gallery Magda Danysz.

See more by Vhils.

artist: Vhils
location: Shanghai, China

[this is in Bristol]

Also see the great Biplane Loveheart in Liverpool.

See more by Banksy.

artist: Banksy
location: London and Bristol

Stability. Prosperity. Recession. Crisis.

Escif was in France for the 1st edition of the Festival “Le 4eme Mur” ( “The 4th Wall”) / Winterlong Galerie.

See more by Escif.

artist: Escif
location: Niort, France

In Mexico the car is a “sacred being” as formerly were some animals and plants; the difference is obvious. Today, in Mexico, there is a kind of paranoid obsession with the production, sale and purchase of one of these things with four wheels, giving the car the same attributes as a pet and let’s say even survive humans. The car has the preference, with respect to pedestrians, but goes beyond that … in many cases serves to create disputes and differences of social rank.

See more by Liqen.

artist: Liqen
location: Guadalajara, Mexico

images by Marte C.

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