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In progress

In Progress Completed (top): Blu and Ericailcane are working together in preparation for the Nuart Festival; a smart commentary on the oil spill & our treatment of wildlife.

A lot of Blu's great walls this summer have been focused on the environment: a bloated oil exec in Lisbon, a toxic layer cake in Italy and an iceberg egg-timer in Berlin.

artists: Blu + Ericailcane
location: Stavanger, Norway

images by Kalevkevad and Nuart (top)

Eugene Good:
"We wanted to find a great spot to throw some work and after searching around finding many possibilities, we stumbled apon this blown out coal refinery ... after going over ideas we scouted the perfect room, from that point we started collecting huge pieces of steel cabinets, metal work, extinguishers, doors.

It took about 4 days to build, paint and detail this thing. For a size example, both of us could sit in the head...huge!!!).

The final touches were all the toxic waist barrels scattered around the room we sprayed them to look like beer cans then created a couple stencils for the logo and found actual wooden things that looked like taps for the top.

Our goal for this piece was to create an idea that would look like it lives in this space. So we created this drunken robot to resemble and be a part the slow decay of this industrial era."

artists: Jim Darling & Eugene Good
location: Milwaukee

thanks Casey

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artist: zoso / zoso1 / zoso one
location: la brea ave, los angeles & main st., santa monica

“The goal in my current body of work is to explore the future of our world using both serious imagery
and humor.
How will mankind cope with an increasingly unstable climate?
How will our urban environment change, as well as the natural world?
What bizarre genetic mutations can occur?
How will the relationship between humans and animals change?
The world i am trying to portray may be a short decade away or a millennium.
This is a topic that concerns everyone, although it may not be the most pleasant or easily palpable.
My intention is not necessarily to bring about change (I am realistic), but rather to keep our planet’s
future in the foreground of thought.”

first image from lord jim
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