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At Urban Forms.

See more by Os Gemeos and more by Aryz.

artists: Os Gemeos + Aryz
location: Lodz, Poland

thanks to Michał




Chazme + Sepe

SatOne + Etam crew


An superb festival in Poland; check out the website for more.

artists: Aryz; M-City; Remed; Chazme + Sepe; SatOne + Etam crew; Kenor
location: Lodz, Poland

Done as part of Waves Project, curated by Walls Association.

See more by Aryz.

artist: Aryz
location: Civitavecchia (near Rome), Italy

Finland - at Eurocultured

Poland - at the Katowice Street Art Festival

See more by Aryz.

artist: Aryz
location: Turku, Finland + Katowice, Poland

YZ has a gallery show at maison Folie de Moulins in Lille.

artist: YZ
location: Guadaloupe + Paris

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