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From Liliwenn:
"This is a collaboration with Ben Slow. I painted silhouettes and the face of the child and he mades textures in the background.

The child is a child from Sâo Paulo, from CARF, the photographer allowed me to use his photos (children who come from favelas).
I work on emotions, it's my motor and his work and this cause inspire me a lot, so, sometimes i paint these children in different country (like the little girl i painted in London some weeks ago)."

See more by Liliwenn, and more from the excellent Vitry Jam.

artist: Liliwenn
location: Vitry, Paris


Finbarr + Snik

These walls are part of the Vitry Jam.

artist: Finbarr + Snik
location: Vitry, Paris

I've been watching Philippe Baudelocque's work for a while - it's really stunning. He's creating a book, which I'm looking forward to seeing.

artist: Philippe Baudelocque
location: Vitry, Paris

image by Chrixcel

artist: Sly2
location: Vitry, Paris

images by Chrixcel (top) + Jessica Stewart (bottom)

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