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Educación para la Ciudadania / #Primavera Valenciana

Reacting to the police violence against student protests in Valencia.

Update - Escrito en la pared sent me the following:
Just in case you want to know more about it, it is not only against police violence. Educación para la ciudadanía is a subject teenagers study in high school, but soon will not, because the Spanish (newly elected conservative) government has recently decided to erase it off schools' curriculum because they say it deals with controversial stuff students shouldn't deal with at school, such as, ¿ready?, homosexuality, human rights, personal relationships... That's probably one of the reasons why Escif's work is even better.

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artist: Escif
location: Valencia, Spain

ever was in Miami for Living Walls + Primary Flight.

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artist: Rimon Guimarães / Rim
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'an irony between the origins (roots) and the stupid present and future'

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thanks Elisa!

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