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Remixed from this.

artists: Posterboy + Tom Otterness
location: NYC

A wonderful mixture of tape art & remixed ads, installation & performance. This is a timely release of a collaboration between Aakash & Poster Boy, who was recently jailed for his art (evidently messing with ads is an especially evil thing).
You can join a 'Free Henry' Facebook group, although that seems altogether too passive a response to such a ridiculous situation. [although this is really lame]

See another great collaboration between these two from last year.

artists: Aakash Nihalani + Poster Boy
location: NYC

After the weekend's New York Street Advertising Takeover, the main illegal billboard operator (NPA Outdoor) quickly repasted a lot of the billboards with new posters.

Fortunately some decent people caught these posters while the glue was still wet, so managed to uncover Phil Lumbang's 'Hug Life'.

artist: Phil Lumbang
location: NYC

images via Shai Dahan/ Abztract

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"I've brought one of my Planterboxes to New York.

In it, I have planted an Alberta Dwarf Pine- Hopefully it will do well in the cold weather coming. I have named her “Alberta”, and I hope someone will decorate her if she makes it ’till Christmas!

If you are new to these Planterboxes the idea is to take the empty & disused newspaper and flyer boxes that litter our sidewalks and put them to a better use than say “Trashcan” or “Space-Filler”.

The National Sports Daily, or The National, was a sports newspaper in the United States which debuted January 31, 1990 and folded after 18 months ... the last time this box could have possibly seen papers was 1992.

So this empty, useless box has somehow managed to consume valuable sidewalk space in New York for 16 odd years.

The pine tree emerging from this dead, rusting shell of the print industry is very striking, since trees very much like this one were used to make the papers that this box once held. This box, more so than any of the others I’ve done, is a Phoenix."

artist: Posterchild (check out Posterchild's wonderful Blade Diary for daily street art)
location: NYC

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