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At Galeria Urban Forms. See more by Vhils.

artist: Vhils
location: Lodz, Poland

images by Marek Szymanski

Sleeping Fox, Bristol, at See No Evil

Vardø, Norway - Walls KOMAFEST - thanks to Pøbel; 3rd image by Ian Cox
The building was formerly used to clean fish. Norway unfortunately still hunts whales. 24 hours daylight to paint.
In the winter they have 24 hours darkness, ... a very unique experience.

New York City
Thanks to Andrew. Image by Luna Park

Bears, Rochester, NY, at Wall Therapy. Thanks to Ian J. Wilson

Possum, Chicago. Thanks to Pawn Works

Driving from the east to the west of America to stop at Tucson.
By invitation of Eric Firestone of the Boneyard Project I got to paint this US Navy discarded plane that been used during the Korean war. Painting such a 'loaded' surface, gives some 'weight' during painting it. Thanks Marcy and Alex.
Also see this video by Jason Wawro.

The Painted Desert Project, Navajo Nation, Arizona.
Between the south and the north rim of the Grand Canyon we entered at night near Monument Valley at the
Painted Desert. There are no words to describe the beauty of this place, ... magical. Thank you to Chip Thomas.

Johannesburg, South Africa. See a film of Roa's time in Johannesburg.
Thanks to I ART JHB, Ricky, Monica and the team.

San Juan, Puerto Rico; Los Muros Hablan
Thanks to Alexis and my other friends.

Also check out ROA's Dominant Species short film made with MOCA TV. See more by ROA.

artist: ROA

I needed to bring the spirits of the African Rhinos into Asia,
To help in the settling of their restless spirits.

In 2010 there were 333 rhinos illegally killed for their horns in South Africa.
In 2011 the total rose to 448.
And as of September this year the total is recorded at 373 violent deaths.

The current spike in demand of South African Rhino horn is driven primarily by medicinal demand from Asian countries mainly Vietnam and China, Malaysia, India and South Korea.
Their horns are used presumably to treat fever, cancer and diabetes and as a detoxification tonic after over-indulgence.

The official announcement of the last Javan rhino killed in Vietnam was made on 25 October 2011,
followed by the reported extinction of the West African Black Rhino, a sub-species of the Southern African Black Rhino, on 10 November 2011.

Settle down beasts, settle down.

See more by Faith47.

artist: Faith47
location: Shanghai

Phlegm was in Ibiza for the Bloop Festival. See more by Phlegm.

artist: Phlegm
location: Ibiza, Spain

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