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Relax and White Mike went pasting together recently in Los Angeles.
Relax does really interesting, striking images of almost-life-sized people.
White Mike has been running an awareness campaign about the precipitous drop in the great white shark population, which has seen this image (by Michael Muller) pasted around the US.
See older work here.

I recently came across a White Mike print edition being sold at the Guy Hepner gallery, for ... $9,995.
I really hope this is an awareness campaign for shark population declines, and not for overpriced art by Michael Muller, a Hollywood photographer. There has been some suggestion White Mike is Michael Muller.

pc: lord jim

Recently ‘White Mike’ has put up posters of great white sharks around Los Angeles & Washington DC to publicise the dwindling great white shark population:

The sad reality is this: “The global great white population has shrunk 70 percent in the past 50 years.”

artist: White Mike
location: Los Angeles & Washington DC

note: recently Mark Hoppus was on hunt to discover the story behind white mike

note 2: White Mike turned out to be quite controversial - check out some of the other posts on him
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