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Entirely hand painted.

See more by Specter.

artist: Specter
location: Baltimore

"In the summer of 2010 the vast majority of athens’ outdoor signs were deemed illegal and were scheduled for take down. however things are slow in our homeland so some of them stood for months, weeks or even days.
it was only natural that such an opportunity wouldn't go to waste.

artist: ath1281
location: Athens

See more by Ludo.

artist: Ludo
location: Paris

Ludo's new series: 'Co-branding'. See more by Ludo.

artist: Ludo
location: Paris

Yesterday the French Parliament passed a law banning the burqa, which makes Princess Hijab's work all the more interesting, and controversial. Babelgum just released this interesting short documentary.

artist: Princess Hijab
location: Paris

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